Cast of Characters

Eddie Roche – The Patriot Hustler:

‘Honor Man’ of his platoon, Eddie becomes the accidental “Narco” and “Shot Caller” of Reclusorio Norte. Born to fight, trained to kill, Eddie must now learn to walk the tightrope of prison politics and become Solomon of Sodom and Gomorrah – the Mama, “El mero Chingon” of the most deadly prison in Latin America.

Alex Cortez aka Michael Yordan:

A hard-charging leatherneck from the old Marine Corps. On the run from the FBI, and implicated in a murder in Mexico, Alex was sentenced to 10 years. He guided Eddie over the language barrier and through the Straights of Fear and Loathing that faced him in Reclusorio Norte.


Head of the Juarez Drug Cartel imprisoned in Reclusorio Norte. Shot Caller of the prison, on the verge of release by appeal. When set free, Cervando leaves his prison empire to Eddie.

3 Fingered Juan:

Ruthless trafficker and the competition. Sworn to avenge his loss of face when Cervando decides to leave the prison empire to Eddie. 3 Fingered Juan eternally seeks to discredit and attack Eddie and his efforts to restore balance to the Reclusorio’s prison population.

El Moro:

Mysterious Columbian basement dweller of the Maximum Security Dorm, and quite possibly the most powerful man in all of Mexico. Prisoners can’t sneeze without him knowing. They can’t snort without his steady stream of Columbia’s purest…

The German:

Busted for a multi-million dollar currency exchange fraud scheme, this flamboyant and eccentric Shot Caller is known to love his Monstros (Henchmen) pretty, and his straight razor deadly sharp.

Director Sanchez:

Beleaguered Warden of Reclusorio Norte who is always caught between a corrupt prison staff and Mexico City’s Human Rights Department. Doing the right thing is ALWAYS HARD TO DO!


Makeshift sword-bearing assasins: the enforcers of Cervando’s will, the collectors of outstanding debts and extractors of vital information by any means necessary. Mostly convicted ex-Policia with a minimum of 50 years to serve each, these boys would slit their own mother’s throat for 200 pesos. No bullshit.

Col. Castillas:

Head of Reclusorio Norte’s Guards, and probably the biggest criminal in the prison. He’d sell his own mother for a pinch.


Eddie’s new found brother in law. Eddie and his new wife visit him in Reclusorio Norte just weeks before Eddie is arrested, convicted, and thrown alongside him into the Mexican Madhouse of Reclusorio Prison life.


The guards and gatekeepers of Reclusorio Norte. If you want it you can have it. The world is yours, if you are willing to pay the price… And everything in Reclusorio Norte has its price: your life, your wife, your peace, your strife. Anything goes if the price is right.

Rena: Eddie’s mom. A decaying beauty who appeases her demons with heroin.

Cheri: Transvestite extraordinaire. Cheri Simone is a sweet sac of complexity and contradictions. Beautician, electrician, vocalist and masseuse, she’s smooth as silk and hard as steel. Part sex kitten, part vixen and all man… ponte verga, watch out, it’s Cheri Simone.

Elvis: The uncanny Mexican king of cooking crack cocaine… Nuff said.


Jimbo: Confidant and Childhood Friend. “Jimbo” works around the clock from the USA to keep up with the momentum of Eddie’s expenditures and cashflow inside the prison in Mexico City.